It's Happening!

The vegetables are sprouting and the women of Mbayi are already planning for the harvest. I am so impressed by the determination of these women to succeed and the commitment  of the village leaders to progress! While the men are busy making bricks from ant hills for the chicken house (a joint venture - we supply the roof and floor), the women are budgeting the expected profits ( they are very confident of the market). Their plan is to set some money aside for future business expenses in order to sustain growth, and also to share some food with the orphans and grannies who can't provide for themselves. First Sprouts

Isn't this chain of sharing beautiful to witness? From our Hands of Hope to the women of Mbayi to the most vulnerable.

Ant Hill

Working together we can eliminate the hunger being experienced by children orphaned by AIDS (TB, malaria etc.) and we can lighten the burden placed on the aged here. Together we can bless them in this very practical way. It's starting to happen already - it's possible!!! My prayer is that you will help us continue.

Bricks formed and stacked for baking

The estimated start up cost for the Women's Club Vegetable and Poultry Project is $1,200.00. (charitable receipts available for income tax purposes).