Meeting the Seniors

The Women Many years of hard physical labour have left them in pain. They are widowed, isolated, hungry, and cold. No medication, no seeds, no blankets, no one to help them cultivate a small garden. Many live alone in homes that are separated by long walking distances. Some try to keep orphans, but the burden is great.

Of the 18 seniors living in Mbayi, 11 assembled in the clearing to discuss their needs. The remaining 7 were unable to attend because of blindness or inability to walk - so I'll be visiting them in the days to come.

Their dignified appeal touched my heart.

The tears of a man in extreme pain broke it.

I told them that I cared and would find help.

A woman got on her knees and thanked God.

Please let me know if you have a heart for geriatrics. They desperately need more people to care and share!

The 11