Twelve days ago I heard about an 8 year old orphan who was suffering. I asked to be taken to him, and that is how I met Emmanuel. He was clearly suffering from malnutrition, little flesh on his limbs, and when I rubbed his back- nothing but bones. We took him to the hospital. Oh, how tiny he looked on that large bed, and when the Dr. tenderly searched for a vein and administered medication, he didn't even flinch. I held his little hand, stroked his pale face, lay my hand in prayer upon his chest. Such love I still felt a few days later, helping him to drink and eat a bit. So anemic that he needed a blood transfusion, we also found out that Emmanuel had TB.

Early this morning, word came that Emmanuel had died. I was told that he simply said " I'm going now, goodbye. " and he was gone. Now he is with Jesus.

As I mourn the loss of this sweet child, part of the sorrow comes from how unnecessary was his demise. This isn't the desert!We are not in the midst of a drought! This land is capable of sustaining nutritional food. Our sisters and brothers just need help to get started.

As Hands of Hope that is what we are doing. I thank God that we are here for the other children. Emmanuel leaves behind a twin brother. Please pray for him.