True Stories of Perseverance

He struggles on. We paused near his home calling out greetings until from somewhere deep in the bush came a faint reply. Leaning heavily on a stick, sack in hand, one of our senior men returned from picking mushrooms for dinner. As he struggled to sit for a chat and receive a care package of flour for making nshima and millet for planting, tears of pain appeared in his eyes. Instead of complaining, though, he spoke to us at length about the goodness of God. Whimpering, occasionally, from the pain,he shared a diagnosis of leprosy, going untreated, because the 2 1/2 hour (1 way!) walk to the nearest clinic is beyond his abilities.

Until November 25th when baby Wendy (I am blessed) was born, her mom, suffering from painful varicose veins, routinely took time from working in the fields to make this trek for prenatal examinations. And then there's the ever smiling woman with only one foot who, grateful for the new community well, covers the long distance to collect water.

I could give many more examples of how, despite tremendous hardship, so many in Mbayi carry on. I admire their tenacity, their courage, the indomitable spirit with which they greet each day. They are my heroes!

With one foot!

Baby Wendy