Some Different Challenges

How's the weather in Canada this morning? Snowing a bit, a lot? Wondering if your street has been plowed? Worried about getting stuck in your driveway? Well, I worry too, but now it's about the rainfall. Before I came to Zambia I was concerned about transportation. How would I get to Mbayi? Initially relieved to find a vehicle I could hire on a daily basis, it wasn't long until I learned that since it wasn't four-wheel drive, I'd likely be in trouble come the rainy season. Can't drive through it


Once you've overcome what the weather has done to road conditions, then what?

As you rush out the door, I doubt your last instructions to the kids are " be sure to hunt some birds and rats for dinner ". Or - on the way to work, I bet you're not stewing about whether or not monkeys have raided your field of maize. And after a long, hard day, when you crawl into bed, I'm sure you're not losing sleep thinking about the possibility of a snake (yes - some of them are poisonous!) finding its way into your room.


The monkeys had a feast!

We all experience stress of one kind or another. Just thought I'd pass on a few that I was unfamiliar with prior to working in Mbayi.