It's a Dream Come True!

Delivering That's what the women were saying as they excitedly accepted delivery of 200 chicks for the start of their very own poultry business.

The first day was filled with a mixture of hard work and exuberance until by the light of kerosene lamps, with chicks bedded down on wood shavings covered with newspaper, kept cozily warm by charcoal burning braziers, watered and fed, we paused to rejoice in this wondrous accomplishment.

For the first week or so the women will be keeping an eye on these precious chicks 24/7, taking shifts throughout this very delicate period of their early development. It won't be long, only six weeks, until they are ready for market!

A burden here that I haven't mentioned yet has to do with schooling. Along with striving to feed their families, parents in Mbayi are required to pay school fees and purchase uniforms if children are to continue beyond grade 7. The cost is high - about $90.00 - $100.00 Canadian per student per year! As this new business develops, one of the benefits will be education. Another great reason to continue empowering this community!

Eager to get started