Energy Bars - who knew?

Energy When I lived in Canada (yes- Zambia feels like home now!) I always carried a sportzone energy bar in my purse for those times, I'm sure many of you can relate, when the day got too busy and only junk food was readily available. My friend Susan and I bought them by the box at Shoppers Drug Mart, or several boxes at a time when they went on special sale, so we'd never run out. Anyway, a few months ago, Susan sent me a supply and, of course, out of habit, I slipped one into my knapsack right away, not even imagining how invaluable an item it would become. Full of vitamins and minerals, carbs and protein, these little goodies have come in handy. I've lost count of how many times, during home visits in Mbayi, I've come across someone weak with hunger or illness and within moments was able to get some nourishment into their body (followed, of course, by delivery of relief food). And what a tasty treat they are for those unaccustomed to nonessentials.

Susan isn't in Zambia but evidence of her compassionate heart is - frequently!