They never dared to dream that it was a possibility. Even traveling to collect it, they suspended belief. Now it's a reality, huge, momentous - Mbayi has its very own mill! The most amazing thing happened!I used to frequent his business, and then just a few months ago Andy emailed me with some great news.The Streetsville Rotary Club had decided to favour us with a very generous donation and suddenly I was able to purchase a hummer mill.

As the men were planning the harvest, I tackled research and pricing and actually found one selling at a discount during the month of May. I placed the order and soon we were in Kitwe, taking the training and transporting a grinding machine triumphantly into the village of Mbayi. As we drove through the bush people were cheering and literally dancing with joy. Instantly, this remote, poverty stricken community began to experience an increase in prestige. As a building was being constructed, people spoke of how long they had suffered, lugging sacks heavy with maize while hungry and tired, a days trip to get the grinding done and then finally- nshima for dinner. Freed from this drudgery and launching a business to serve the surrounding area, these people, once resigned to ongoing poverty are elated!

Yesterday, as a group expectantly assembled with sacks of maize ready for grinding, and the first sounds from the machine reached their ears, shouts of delight and praise to God rang throughout the bush.

Their motto is 'Service above self'. Congratulations Streetsville Rotary Club on 50 other centred years and an enormous thank you for bringing relief and improvement to so many lives in Mbayi.