Happy Birthday To You!

Sometimes, when checking patients into the clinic, I'm in possession of their national registration cards and noticed on a few occasions some birthdays coming up. In a place like Mbayi birthday celebrations are uncommon. However, I couldn't help but get excited with the idea of surprising some seniors on their special day, showing them appreciation and love. What a moving experience it was to sing happy birthday and present cards to a 76 and 90 year old who had never received one before, to see the uncertain expression on a face receiving a package tied with a ribbon. What do I do with this she seemed to be thinking as she smiled setting it aside? Open it, I urged, it's a gift especially for you! Or the man, 90 years of age who tearfully thanked God for bringing him a mother to remember the day of his birth. Special moments I will cherish forever, a privilege for me, a shared delight. I thank everyone who by their prayers and contributions make these precious occasions possible. God bless you - you are a blessing!