The Privilege of Teaching

First of all I want to thank many of you for your sympathies and offers of remedy as I was suffering through a recent bout of dysentery. It was a brutal experience—felt like I was dying but I was equally afraid that I wouldn't! I know some of you can relate... Completely recovered, I'm hoping it will be a looong time (last was when I was here in 2006) before a similar affliction befalls me!!!! Teaching... I am teaching a course on Care Giving at my church—Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries Church International - based on the Stephen Ministries series (I am a Stephen Minister). What a privilege and joy it is to share with such an enthusiastic group, so eager to learn skills to better serve the needs of their community. In this ministry of compassion, they will journey with those who are hurting, suffering, distressed, offering a safe and loving place for them to work through difficulties. We meet for just an hour on Mondays so that the women (we also have 2 men in the course) have time to rush home and prepare dinner for their husbands/family. This is not a fast food society and they take their nshima very seriously!

Then Tuesday morning it is off to Mbayi where I lead a women's bible study that has grown out of the mamies group originally formed in response to the calling of some Canadian moms (at Caledonia Presbyterian Church) to bless their Zambian sisters. Many people in this village have not had the opportunity to read or even hear teachings of the Scriptures so I take great pleasure in sharing the Word of God and knowledge of Jesus Christ to a group fascinated by  Bible narrative. Soon school will be breaking for about a month and some of the youth have expressed interest in joining us. And just the other day one of the men suggested including them as well.

It has been extremely HOT here for about the last two months and with no relief like air conditioning anywhere or cool water in which to take a refreshing dip we are eagerly awaiting the cooling effect of the rains. Bring on the rainy season!!!!