Guest Post: Love by Carolyn Dyck

Love is the answerLove will find a way When we love one another It’s a brighter day.
— Chris Tomlin, “Love”

Love was the singing and dancing that greeted our team of 6 as we entered the site for the Health Post.

Love was the look in Wendy’s eyes as she hugged the people of the village who both love and adore her.

Love was the camaraderie and laughter that happened around the worksite as we did gruelling work side by side to make the bricks.

Love was the giggles of pleasure from the children as we played with them and poured attention on them.

And Love is what filled my heart to bursting as I felt the burden of the tremendous, overpowering need in the village.

Stripped away of all North American conveniences, our team lived in the village with no electricity, no running water, or fridge, or toilet. We lived as one with the village, Mbayi. A thin mattress and sleeping bag was our bed, which is more than the villagers have. We also had work boots and gloves whereas most of the health post workers wore broken down sandals or bare feet.

So we poured ourselves into loving one another, loving our neighbour, getting to know our brother—and in so doing—being filled with a small taste of what the Lord feels for everyone, especially the needy.

Such poverty and disparity is so unnecessary when we have so much we can do, and give, and share . . . We just need the courage to release it.

And so thanks to the precious people of Mbayi my life has been changed:

It has been simplified It has become focussed And it has been assured that Love will find a way!