An Easter Time Feast

Shortly after Easter (the rain was very heavy this Rainy Season and the mornings so cool it has been difficult to get people out to our meeting place, hence the delay) we had a party, the Mamies and Grandmamies. Some of the women walk for several hours every Tuesday to meet with me and each other for Bible Study and fellowship but today were gathering for something very special. The Moms Group at Caledonia Presbyterian Church had sent funds for an Easter celebration.As we arrived with all the goodies the women began to sing and dance in joyful anticipation of the service and luncheon party to come. They were praising God for this blessing and worshipping Him. We talked about the Last Supper and took Holy Communion.

Then the feasting began. My friend Peggy, a terrific cook, had prepared a buffet lunch the evening before of rice, cooked veggies, chicken, and cabbage salad. We brought a yummy cake and lots of beverages. Plates were filled to overflowing and tummies filled to the brim (a very unusual state for them!).

A wonderful time was had by all, they were fed spiritually and physically and went home nurtured by the kindness of the Canadian moms and so very grateful for their continuing care. May God bless Linda and her moms for their gifts of love to their Zambian friends.