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Samuel—A Youth Empowered

I introduced you to Samuel a few years ago, a young man, orphaned as an infant and raised by his grandmother. At that time he was looking after her as best he could in such a poverty stricken environment. He was, and is, an ambitious and hard working lad. When his grandmother died I asked Samuel his hopes for the future and he promptly replied that he would like to be a carpenter. I had often observed him working with his hands. For many years a Canadian woman has been sending support funds to this family and when she heard of his ambition, not only paid for carpentry training but also the tools he requested. But Samuel had one more surprise. A member of the team from Canada in May befriended him and added a few more tools to his collection. Newly married, Samuel now has a promising future.

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Football & Hope

Many in Zambia are worried about the plight of youth. First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba has recently expressed her concerns regarding this young demographic. From the street children of the towns and cities to those in remote villages, youth are idle, not by choice but because of circumstances. Sixty percent of Zambians live in poverty, many young people cannot afford to go to school, and sadly there are no jobs for them to turn to. In Mbayi we have many youths with next to nothing to do. They are bright, motivated and anxious to be productive—but how? Football (soccer) is very popular in this country and most boys dream of the opportunity to play. So when I was asked to supply a ball so a team could be formed, an idea began to develop

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