The Challenge Here

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my research into how to serve those suffering in Africa, led me first to Missionfest. I must tell you, I had a rude awakening. There isn't a traditional paycheck in this mission business!!! There's a job interview, acceptance procedure and then comes the issue of fundraising. I confess, that really unnerved me. In fact, if it hadn't been for the persisting nature of this calling, I may not have pursued it any further. I'm not an orator, nor do I know much about fundraising! Then it dawned on me - if God wanted someone who could do this type of work alone, He wouldn't have asked me. And since He did, there must be a way. I remembered Charles Stanley saying something like this- some are called to go, some to send - and felt reassured. Enter community... the answer to this challenge.

It takes a community of caring and sharing people to make this project in Zambia happen.

To those of you who are sharing your gifts,praying, have made donations, continue to give time and energy to fundraising, who have sacrificed in some way because poverty just plain bothers you - God bless you - family, friends, and complete strangers - you are heroes.