Did You Know?

I've been receiving some nudges from a few of you to get blogging!!! I say ... when? I apologize for my tardiness in posting, but I have been tackling my list-which just keeps getting longer. Moving date is fast approaching and there is so much to do!

Did you know...
that there is no vaccine available for malaria and one cannot take antimalarial medication long term?

Since Zambia is an infested area, most of my consultation time with the travel Dr. centred around how to handle this.

Other than year round - dousing myself in 30% plus deet (yuck!), wearing light coloured clothes all tucked in (lovely!), and staying in after dark, we agreed that my best defense would be taking tetracycline only during the rainy season (Nov. - April).

If I get malaria - seek treatment immediately!

I got my booster for typhoid (Yellow Fever is good for 10 years - I'm still ok there), Dukoral for cholera prevention, and  Cipro (antibiotic), but passed on the Rabies vaccine (really expensive!).

Did you know...

that bed mosquito nets treated with insecticide are difficult to find in Ontario?

After making some astute inquiries- managed to tick this off.

Did you know...

that once OHIP coverage expires after 7 months of being out of the country, travel medical insurance needs to be replaced with private insurance?

Lots of research required - I'm still working on it.


that fertilizer in Zambia costs $75.00 a bag! What does the subsistence farmer do - if they manage to acquire seeds?

I heard some interesting answers in a meeting with Agrogeologist Peter van Straaten in the form of "using rock and mineral resources for agriculture in response to the urgent need to increase food production in parts of the world where food security is still a major challenge" and organic options. See Rocks for Crops


that women hoe the soil and carry heavy items for long distances (usually on their head), then suffer from many aches and pains with no opportunity for relief from painkillers such as Advil?

A teaching session with a physiotherapist friend has provided me with some stretches and posture tips to pass along- thanks, Jen, for sharing!

Did you know...

that 'acid free' tissue paper is needed for storing clothes?

Found out that it can be purchased online - but anywhere else?

Did you know...

that euchre players dress, um, unconventionally?

Thanks, again, to my Home Church ( small group ) friends , who know how to put fun into fundraiser, as well as huge amounts of their time and energy! Your efforts make this mission possible. God bless you.

So this is what I've been up to - learning from the pros ( next on the agenda - well drilling and water treatment ) and being blessed by friends who are willing to pitch in with assistance.

Also - resigning, canceling, transferring , packing etc.

Have I forgotten anything? Any suggestions? Just hit comment and let me know...