And she's off!

I came down on Monday and we have been working feverishly getting every last detail ironed out. Late nights and early mornings, running all kinds of last minute errands. Extending OHIP coverage, finalizing health insurance, transferring the car ownership, the list goes on and on. And the PACKING, so much packing! It's hard to pack when you aren't planning on coming back, so many hard decisions to make. When leaving on a venture like this there is never enough time - there will always be something left undone. Case in point, even in the airport we were doing lessons on how to work her new camera.

But, you reach a point when there is no more time and the venture must begin. After a the inevitable heart felt tear filled goodbyes, we watched as she disappeared out of sight. She was off to begin her long awaited adventure.

Now it begins. She has been talking about this since I was in high school (more then 6 years) and now it's finally happening. Thank you all for your generosity and support. This would not be possible without you. Together we are making the impossible possible.

We wait in anticipation of the wonderful things that will come of this endeavour. I'm proud of my mama.

More to come very soon. Stay tuned, we are just getting started.