Hello from Zambia

Again and again ... many thanks to all of you who have made this mission possible! Isn't my son awesome - love you Malo!

After 2 days in transit I finally arrived in Chingola, Zambia on Sat. evening the 17th. As soon as my feet touched the ground I felt right at home! Sun. morning (along with the MATE/FCC medical team) we were warmly greeted by the CMML congregation of Kasompe compound where we enjoyed a 3 hour service, in a modest church, with an exquisite choir singing , in harmony, praising the Lord with enthusiasm.

My first week here has been spent in villages - Muchinshi, Ipafu, Kalilo - with the medical team , providing care (to 700 patients!) for those with problems ranging from HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria to hypertension, diabetes, and lots of chronic pain due to hard physical labour.

Last Sat. (the 24th) I waved goodbye to the team, piled my luggage into a pickup and began a new journey with my new friends (more about them later) in my new home town. At the moment I'm staying in a guest house until my accommodations are finalized. I've heard it said that the west has watches, Africa has time. I love the slower pace here (even though it requires great patience!) and for those of you who were worried - I've been wandering about town on my own for several days now and have felt perfectly safe.

Moving with my new friends

Tomorrow I'm off to Lusaka (a 12 hr round trip!) in order to pick up my work permit and then on Fri. I've scheduled an introductory day at the village of Musenga ( not Musenge - I apologize for the error in spelling ). I'm excited to begin our work there - yours and mine - as it is this community forming in Canada ( and the USA! ) to share in our abundance with those struggling in poverty. Thanks for sharing and sending me as your rep!

PS - A shout out to Vera, Sarah and Susan - AWESOME farewell fundraiser!!! We had lots of fun raising funds to help Zambians in need. Thanks, everyone, for your generous support!