My Collaborators

Last week, due to a CMML five day conference, I lost my partner/translator/driver Edwin (who was a major organizer of this event) for the week and could not get out to Mbayi. In my absence I know the women have been germinating seeds and the men making bricks to build housing for the chickens. I can hardly wait to reconnect this week! Presley and Edwin (left to right)

Edwin is the one who came upon the village of Mbayi, whose heart was touched by the great need there and who then brought them to our attention. His heart for helping fellow Zambians began at an early age. As a child Edwin remembers his father working with missionaries from Scotland and grew up in a family dedicated to caring for others. He married Violet, began working in the copper mines of Chingola, and together they raised 12 children. Even in this busy life, Edwin remained involved in community efforts as he and Violet tended to the needs of others. Now in retirement they remain active in this loving/caring ministry. I am fortunate and grateful for their assistance.

I'd also like to introduce you to a remarkable young man, Presley, who for many years has been working with youth and is, at the moment, involved in empowering them towards employment. He is intelligent, kind, patient - I am pleased to have him as an advisor and we plan to do some work together sometime in the near future. What I'm really excited to tell you is that Presley (now 30 years of age) is preparing to run for president of Zambia in 2016! This country would be truly blessed by the leadership of a man such as Presley, a man of compassion and integrity.