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Many of you have commented that it must take great courage to relocate to a land where one knows not a soul and very little about the culture and lifestyle. Let me share with you how my 'leap of faith' has been blessed with a young man called Presley. From the outset Presley, a young (early 30s) Zambian visionary and born leader, has been by my side, initially helping me in practical ways—like setting up my cell phone and during the early months, over many a cold coke (fanta grape for him), patiently answering my questions about culture, correct procedures and how to best work within a Zambian community.

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Hope Continues . . .

Two years—it's been two years this month since I first met with the villagers in Mbayi. And two years also that I'd been away from Canada. Recently back in Zambia, out of jet lag and somewhat caught up with things here, it's time to pause and remember . . . I had six (which became seven) wonderful weeks in Canada with my incredible mother who will turn 85 this September, my son Malo—the great blessing in my life, my two sisters who are so “there” for me (thanks Sheri for gathering support in London, ON!) and so many warm reunions with the most amazing friends one could imagine.

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