It's Possible!

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible" Arthur C. Clarke And that's where we are, doing what many said was impossible- improving living conditions in Mbayi- progress where some were saying - hopeless. In the motivation and determination demonstrated by the people of Mbayi, coupled with a very generous donation for the women's Vegetable and Poultry Project, we are experiencing the emergence of the possible. Food for the hungry, not just for a season, but to be sustained into the future - huge step!

I received a donation of $25.00 for the Maize Project, and thought, if 40 people contributed $25.00 each, that would really be evidence of a caring community pulling together to assist in this next step into the possible.

On Sunday last, I had a yogurt drink for breakfast and rushed off to church. By 4:00 when I returned home I was starving- or was I? My house mate- bless her- had a meal of nshima, greens and meat with a wonderful spicy sauce- waiting. My son and friends did the 'Famine' through World Vision several times, so maybe they have a better idea of what it's like not to eat for several days. Comment Malo? But even they knew a feast was waiting. Imagine, if you can, not having a meal every day and not knowing how long it will be before another.

Planting this field of maize gives hope for a future without this kind of hunger - the chance of enough food for everyone in the village - what is known as Food Security.

Some of these kids will not eat todaySome of the children in this photo will not eat today.

Who will make up the 40?

I'm in - That makes $50.00.

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