Now He Can See!

I met Fly about six months ago. Like most of the elderly in Mbayi, he was worried about the coming rainy season and how he'd make it through, be able to feed himself until April when the rains would subside and his small garden would yield some vegetables. At that time his eyesight was failing significantly, but his main concern lay elsewhere and it wasn't until recently that he inquired about the possibility of an eye examination. He joined us for clinic day and received a referral to the Kitwe Central Hospital Eye Clinic. Kitwe is very far, Fly is feeble, and couldn't see clearly, everything just blurry, so together we journeyed there and he was admitted immediately for cataract surgery. Three days later he emerged from the eye ward,grinning from ear to ear ( I'd never seen a smile on his face! ) and actually saw me for the first time.

Well, he returned home a celebrity of sorts (with shades and a hat I purchased for protection), clear vision assisting him to stand upright, his story enjoyed by many, his courage admired. There's a rumour in the village that such an operation brings back eyesight for about a month and then complete blindness settles in. As Fly anticipates his 2 week review this Friday, he laughs at their speculation, confident and thrilled to have his sight restored.