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Canadian Donors Improve Lives

Golden, a 54 year old volunteer teacher in Mbayi, was involved in a road traffic accident in 1978. He had just finished high school and was in the Zambian National Service. They took him to a hospital where the doctors performed a below the knee amputation. Then the hospital administration told him he would have to raise $300.00 (Canadian) for an artificial limb!!! Over the years he has managed, bit by bit, to pay money towards the new leg waiting for him in a storage room at the hospital.

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Caledonia Moms Take On Malaria

According to the World Bank's International Development Association ' no continent suffers the ravages of malaria more than Africa. And in Africa, no country bears more of malaria's burden than Zambia.' It kills more children under the age of 5 than any other disease or illness and there is no vaccine. Driven by this information, the hearts of some Canadian mothers, the Moms Group at Caledonia Presbyterian Church, determined to make a vital difference in the lives of their friends, the mamies in Mbayi, worked in earnest to raise funds for mosquito nets, to provide a barrier between families and this fearsome disease. I've been in hospital and heard the anguished wail of a young mother whose infant just succumbed, a heartbreaking sound that lingers within me. Malaria is responsible for up to 40% of under 5 years and 20% of maternal mortality.

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