Moms Helping Mamies

m Early in March I was delightfully surprised to receive an email from a woman I have never met. She and my friend Lennie, who had lost touch since high school, turned up at the same bible study at the exact time she was forming a moms' group and pondering the execution of an international project. As Linda said in an early email- 'God put you right in my lap'. She checked out my web site and blog and we prayed.

The Moms Helping Other Moms group reached out with their compassionate hearts and asked how they could be of assistance here in Zambia. They chose us as their international helping venture! Since I've always hoped to bring people together, those separated by this great distance, circumstances and cultures, I was very excited about the possibility of facilitating relationships.

It started out with a group photo (which I wanted to include here but for some reason I can't upload it!)and questions from the moms in Canada. So I formed a group of mamies here to respond, they became curious about these lovely, caring, sharing women and a few even wondered if they could become friends. The Canadian moms responded by requesting to be matched up as pen pals and these connections are blossoming into women excitedly sharing stories and photos about life experiences  and also praying for one another.

In the meantime these 11 industrious moms have been collecting various items, they set up a drop box in their church and have even learned how to make bed mats out of milk bags! After a coffee hour arranged to raise funds for shipping on the next container, I'm hearing that there are many boxes being packed for the needy mamies here in Mbayi.

A huge thank you to Linda, the Moms Helping Other Moms group and the congregation at Caledonia Presbyterian Church. I've noticed a new vitality and light heartedness in the mamies which I'm sure is directly related to this interest in them. And just this week one of our members here suggested forming a net ball team! I think Linda puts it best - ' I am so in awe at how God has orchestrated this interaction of moms so many miles apart, and how in blessing others we are blessed.'