An Emergency

Her leg was saved! It was the end of the day. I was on my way home when a man intercepted us with information regarding a very sick woman. The description of her condition was alarming- swollen leg, turning black, very painful, couldn't walk. Turning back, I sent for a bike, was led into the bush- about a 45 minute hike- found Anna, a woman I know well, super mother to 5 orphans, and a member of our mom's group. One glance and I knew we were headed for the hospital.

As her white mother ( that's how she and the other patients and staff refer to me ) and the only person she knows in Chingola, I've been visiting her with necessities like toothbrush, soap, and washcloth, some nutritional snacks, and words of comfort and encouragement. As it turned out she made it to the hospital just in time. Any longer and the leg would have been amputated!

Tomorrow - it's been a week - I'm taking Anna home. She's so grateful to all of us ( you and me ) for saving her leg. What would I have done? How would I have lived, cared for the children, grown vegetables without my leg? These are the questions she was asking as she thanked God for Hands of Hope. I'm so grateful to be here for all like Anna who, without our help, would suffer in ways most of us cannot imagine.