A Month With Malo

Planting a nut tree My son Malo is gone :^(. But we've made wonderful memories that will sustain me as I miss him in the weeks to come.In Mbayi we all enjoyed his genial presence and many contributions. Everyone, sorry to see him go, appreciated his visit and urged him to return.

With him he brought precious caps for babies lovingly knitted by two caring women - Mrs. Charters and Mrs Bambridge - that were sold at the Sept. fundraiser and attached with huge red hearts (thank you my dear friend Susan), medical equipment from Chris that we donated to Chambishi Clinic and some of his own clothes which we also distributed. My friend Carm sent togs for women and children through Gerry who joined us during week 4 with some of her own to share. We delivered books from Children International, Zambia's book donation programme to our school in Mbayi - heretofore greatly lacking - and handed out many hats to kids from Vera and Sarah. We planted a few nut trees, launching the school orchard, which will eventually provide nutritious snacks for the children and gave out packages of carrot seeds funded by the Mom's Group, Caledonia, Ontario. Malo even took time to instruct one of Mbayi's teachers, who had never touched a computer, the wonders of getting online and exploring the internet. Now he can access endless amounts of the information he's so thirsty for, sharing with students, broadening his knowledge.

With gratitude, some women from the Hands of Sharing Club ( the registered club we formed last year ) gave us maize and groundnuts and the school children entertained with traditional song and dance. With a goodbye ditty from Getrude our time together in Zambia came to a lovely end.

Thanks, Canadian and Zambian friends, for sharing and making this month's journey so memorable. God bless you all!

Baby caps with hearts