Excitement in Mbayi

Stumping Stumping, planting, receiving - there's a real buzz throughout Mbayi!

Tuesdays and Thursdays have become stumping days. Keen to prepare the area allocated for our very own Health Post, a vigorous bunch of volunteers are clearing land and I'm pleased to be helping by providing, each day, a meal cooked for the workers out in the bush as they toil away. Working closely with the enthusiastic Chairman and Secretary of our Neighbourhood Health Committee is such a joy. There's a lot involved in bringing health care into Mbayi. Meetings with officials in Chingola District for approval and authorization of property, building, funding etc. have been a pleasure as we all eagerly work together in pursuit of this vital outcome. Crucial because, as I've pointed out in previous blogs, people are suffering, even dying, in this community so isolated from medical facilities.

I'm happy to report further progress in our school orchard. We recently planted 25 banana suckers which are already sprouting new growth! Each tree has been assigned to a student, made responsible for it's care.

AND ... 28 boxes arrived from the Caledonia, Ontario Moms Helping Moms Group and I have the privilege of distributing clothing for mamies and children, toys and blankets. Such an abundance of sharing will require three separate occasions of receiving and celebration in order to complete the giving!!! The Mbayi mothers are thrilled and so very grateful for their Canadian friends.

Mamies say thanks Canadian Moms!