Canadian Donors Improve Lives

Golden, a 54 year old volunteer teacher in Mbayi, was involved in a road traffic accident in 1978. He had just finished high school and was in the Zambian National Service. They took him to a hospital where the doctors performed a below the knee amputation. Then the hospital administration told him he would have to raise $300.00 (Canadian) for an artificial limb!!! Over the years he has managed, bit by bit, to pay money towards the new leg waiting for him in a storage room at the hospital. I have known Golden for almost 3 years now, since first arriving in Mbayi, and have watched him painfully moving about, one leg much shorter than the other. As we were chatting just a few weeks ago, I found out about the existence of this prosthesis and that there was only $60.00 remaining to be paid! For this father of five, who has struggled over the years just to feed his family ( I recently gave him some seeds and fertilizer for a vegetable garden), reaching that goal had become a rather impossible dream. As he said to me—“I am financially crippled.” Now, due to your giving, he is once again walking tall with less pain as his body makes the adjustment and, I have noticed, increased dignity. He is very grateful to you all for this wonderful gift and sends this message—God bless you!!!!