Gifts of Warmth

Grateful He was shivering with chills from malaria, the whites of his eyes yellowing as parasites invaded his body. A tiny boy, defenseless like so many others, not able to acquire a mosquito net or repellent, sleeping night after night in a hut inadequate to shield him from the attack of these insects. I wrapped this child in my jacket, a child without even 1 item of warm clothing to comfort him in his distress, no blanket in which to cuddle and transported him to the clinic. Plasmodium Falciparum, the parasite transmitted by mosquitos in Zambia, causes the most fatal and medically severe form of malaria, but with proper treatment this boy has recovered.

And not only that - he now has a soft, warm and cozy yellow fleece jacket! With some donated money I was able to purchase 75 gently worn jackets/sweaters from a marketeer. As of this week, every student at the community school in Mbayi has something with long sleeves. They still need trousers, but this is a great improvement. Thanks for sharing!

Also - this month we have blankets and sweaters for seniors being shipped from Markham, Ontario to Musenga, Zambia. In about 4 months many in Mbayi will receive gifts of warmth!

God bless all who have participated in this compassionate endeavour.