The 3 M's (The Goat Project)

Getting Milk (a good source of calcium and protein - both sorely lacking in the diet here), meat (good tasting) and manure (excellent fertilizer for vegetable gardens) - that pretty much sums up the goat business and with 5 young ones purchased so far, the men in Mbayi have now started breeding goats.

The rearing of goats is well suited to this poverty stricken community. They are economical, will eat just about anything, are free ranging, hardy, in demand, and fetch a good price.

Chronic hunger and malnutrition are pervasive in Mbayi and this impairs overall immunity, creates susceptibility to disease and infection and undermines recovery from illness. In a country like Zambia where HIV and AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are rampant this exacerbates the situation. More than half of all Zambians are infected by TB bacteria. Not everyone infected with TB germs becomes sick, but the bacteria can more easily attack when the body is weak.

One of our men is undergoing such treatment at the moment and requires (nutritional) food in order to help his body fight the TB, food which he cannot access, but is gratefully receiving due to your support.

Hunger and nutritional deficiencies are widespread among our school-age children leading to low school enrolment, high absenteeism, poor performance and early dropout.

This goat initiative is yet another step towards food security, income generation and care for the elderly and orphans.

If you can help us purchase goats, just click and contribute.

God bless you!