Chickens - SOLD OUT!

We did it - first try! 200 chickens raised in less than ideal conditions and they thrived!

Repeatedly, we heard the words 'you did this without electricity?'. People were astounded at such an accomplishment from the poor, remote Mbayi and some even asked to come and see for themselves and to learn.


In order to succeed the women had to remain attentive throughout the 6 weeks. They worked diligently and it paid off. Our chickens were plump and healthy - the favourites at the market (yes we had competition). After the first day we even took advance orders! Timed so that the chickens matured as the miners were paid, these women demonstrated forethought and experienced an excellent outcome. For me, it was heartwarming to behold the joy, satisfaction, and sense of dignity brought about by this great achievement.

They are grateful to you all for this incredible opportunity and thank God for providing through us.