Many of you have commented that it must take great courage to relocate to a land where one knows not a soul and very little about the culture and lifestyle. Let me share with you how my 'leap of faith' has been blessed with a young man called Presley. From the outset Presley, a young (early 30s) Zambian visionary and born leader, has been by my side, initially helping me in practical ways—like setting up my cell phone and during the early months, over many a cold coke (fanta grape for him), patiently answering my questions about culture, correct procedures and how to best work within a Zambian community. He's provided me with publications such as the Republic of Zambia's National Plan of Action for Children, introduced me around to members of the Chingola Municipal Council and even the District Commissioner. In an emergency, and there's been a few, all it takes is a phone call and Presley says “I'm coming”—two words that have brought me great relief!

For about 10 years Presley has diligently worked with and on behalf of youth speaking in churches and schools, inspiring and empowering them towards employment and building their own businesses, advocating in issues of human rights and HIV/AIDS encouraging them to never lose hope. He's currently also Co-ordinator of the Chingola Youth Skills Centre, an organization offering life skills and training for employment.

To me Presley is a cherished advisor, my dear and trusted friend, a precious gift from God. Whether the challenge is great or small, he's always there to help me move forward. If courage is what it takes to face difficulties without retreating just let me say that having supporters like Presley (& some of you too!) makes all the difference.