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Guest Post: My Story by Maxwell Kalukangu

My names are Maxwell Kalukangu, aged 30 years old and I live in Zambia. I would like to share my story. This story is meant to inspire those students/kids who are keen and ambitious to succeed yet they are faced with financial constraints, lack of reasonable opportunities, lack of mentorship, not adequate coaching etc. On the other hand, my story would also encourage and lift the spirits for those who take time to give and support the less privileged in our society.

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Getrude Gets a Store

Getrude is a very hard working woman. Whenever there is a job to be done she is first in line to volunteer. A leader on our Neighbourhood Health Committee, she comes to town for meetings at the Kabundi Clinic to arrange things such as a mobile under 5 health clinic, to visit our remote Mbayi monthly in order to weigh babies and give vaccinations. When we needed a cook for our school feeding program, she was there and continues to help out. Head of our mamies group, she helps me with organization and administration of activities. So when she told me of her desire to open a small store in her area of Mbayi I considered her request very seriously. As you can see from the photos she is on her way—the store constructed, starting supplies purchased. I knew she would make it a great success and she has!

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Many of you have commented that it must take great courage to relocate to a land where one knows not a soul and very little about the culture and lifestyle. Let me share with you how my 'leap of faith' has been blessed with a young man called Presley. From the outset Presley, a young (early 30s) Zambian visionary and born leader, has been by my side, initially helping me in practical ways—like setting up my cell phone and during the early months, over many a cold coke (fanta grape for him), patiently answering my questions about culture, correct procedures and how to best work within a Zambian community.

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