Chicken Adventure

Zambia Market After an inauspicious start ... 7am, in the bush, travelling to collect the chickens for market - a puncture! Disappointed, anticipating the delay and resulting loss of sales, I was dismayed to discover that there weren't any tools in the vehicle to change the tire. Now, we're in the bush, far from a main road, in a place that in almost a year of working in Mbayi I've encountered another vehicle about twice! No one in the village has one so - YIKES!!! Then, a miracle, a vehicle materialized, the tire was changed BUT then we discovered that the battery was dead. Without complaint our patient and kind helper removed his battery and while this was in process I noticed that the spare had gone flat! Well, this truly good and generous man lent us his spare tire for the day!!! AMAZING and a great example of how God cares for us through others.

On the road again we made it to the market, the size of our chickens making up for lost time and a great day of sales. Most of our broilers are big and free of a chemical taste that I'm told is characteristic of many on the market. We're sold out and already taking orders for the next batch! Also, blessed I was to meet a lovely woman in the line at the grocery store a while ago, who owns a guest house and placed a substantial order - our first business sale! These women in Mbayi are raising good quality chickens ( without electricity! ) and gaining an excellent reputation. I'm so grateful to see them empowered, successful, cheerful and optimistic. Your contributions are making a huge difference!!!!

My Little Helper