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About Busy

In North America we live in a fast paced world and so we tend to exalt “BUSY.” We are fascinated by the ability of some who manage to juggle many balls in the air all at once—labelled tasks, expectations, responsibilities, obligations. We applaud the “busy bees” in our lives as they flit to and fro trying to check off an often impossible to-do list. Many of us get stuck on that “hamster wheel” where we miss so much quality time. We are proud to be “busy, busy, busy” (notice the need to say it 3 times in response to the question “how are you?”).

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Hope Continues . . .

Two years—it's been two years this month since I first met with the villagers in Mbayi. And two years also that I'd been away from Canada. Recently back in Zambia, out of jet lag and somewhat caught up with things here, it's time to pause and remember . . . I had six (which became seven) wonderful weeks in Canada with my incredible mother who will turn 85 this September, my son Malo—the great blessing in my life, my two sisters who are so “there” for me (thanks Sheri for gathering support in London, ON!) and so many warm reunions with the most amazing friends one could imagine.

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