Guest Professionals Bring Help to Mbayi

World Vision Helping in Mbayi A month or so ago as I was walking through a part of Chingola that I don't normally frequent, I noticed a new World Vision sign and decided to go on in and introduce myself. Wondering if we could partner somehow to the benefit of Mbayi, I found out that this particular branch, called Harmos, is a micro-enterprise responsible for giving group and individual loans, but it was the one for bicycles that caught my attention. As we continued chatting I also found out that someone could come to Mbayi to teach us how to develop the businesses which we have already started - the mill and chicken businesses. So last week an initial visit was made to investigate the situation and I'm so pleased that in January a few people will return to give us specific instruction.

As I've mentioned previously we've begun a process leading towards constructing a Health Post. After attending a meeting at the district office, Ministry of Health, Kalulushi, I discovered that Mbayi, while closer to the Chambishi Government Clinic where our patients go for treatment, is actually situated in Chingola district. So after a meeting with the director there, a representative was sent to connect with our Neighbourhood Health Committee in order to continue the journey of bringing health care into Mbayi. She gave us lots of useful pointers about next steps!

Just this week a young friend of mine who I met about a year ago returned home after finishing social work training and already she's accompanied me to Mbayi. She's offered to continue helping as a volunteer in order to get some practical experience but also because she has such a compassionate heart for those suffering in poverty. She was warmly embraced by many in the community and is a delight to have on board. I'm blessed!

Our Volunteer Social Worker

Rep- Ministry of Health