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Health Post Bricks—All Set to Go!

This month marks my third anniversary in Mbayi. Many positive changes have come about during this time but the lack of medical care remains an ongoing concern. George Lufunda, Chairman of Mbayi, while pleading for a Health Post (small clinic) has been known to exclaim—“We have suffered for too long!”. Many have died untimely deaths because we do not have a health care facility for diagnosis, treatment and referral to hospital if necessary. Deaths from treatable diseases like TB and malaria, for example, are heartbreaking, expecting mothers have died on the 2 1/2 hour walk to the nearest clinic, children have perished on their mom's back before reaching this very far destination.

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Guest Post: Some Thoughts by John Ghent

Zambians from the village of Mbayi and Canadians from Ontario worked side by side making blocks (bricks) from ant hill soil to construct a Health Post. It was a community experience with women hauling well water from a distance and men shovelling earth and pounding soil into moulds to make blocks. After 8 days over 3,000 were formed—hard, physical labour that our Zambian colleagues were better adapted to than the softer Canadians. The sense of camaraderie and fellowship while working together was an exhilarating experience and each day we walked back to our accommodation in Mbayi tired but grateful for the opportunity to work together.

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